The Knuckles Mountain Range

Breath-Taking Climbs

The Knuckles Mountain Range is one of the least explored areas by tourists in Sri Lanka. You will be rewarded with spectacular scenery and authentic villages. The Knuckles Mountain Range is located towards the North East of the city of Kandy. The name derives from its shape of a clenched fist and it offers one of the most breathtaking climbs among the Sri Lankan hill country. A paradise for those who love to hike, the range offers numerous mountainous trails that journey across clear rivers, through dense forests, past flowing waterfalls, lush tea plantations, paddy fields and traditional small mountain villages.

The Knuckles Range is characterised by its striking landscapes often robed in thick layers of cloud. The area comprises of 34 clearly identified ranges within 62 square miles, and 3000-6500 feet in height. In addition to its aesthetic value, the range is of great scientific interest. It is a climatic capsule of the rest of Sri Lanka. The conditions of all the climatic zones in the country are exhibited here. Its forested peaks harbour a variety of flora and fauna, some of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Although the range constitutes approximately 0.03% of the island’s total area it is home to a significantly higher proportion of the country’s biodiversity. The Knuckles Range has been declared a ‘National Heritage and Wilderness Area’.


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